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May. 23rd, 2008

L'Arc~en~Ciel What's In, Hyde

(no subject)

I wish I could have an attitude change. I'm such a freakin' baby sometimes. I think it's because I'm a girl. Damn hormones. Eh, today wasn't bad at all, though. I guess that one guy just annoyed me too badly. I shouldn't let him ruin my day/night though :P

All in all I'm happy, though. I turned twenty 2 days ago :D Still not old enough to drink, but who cares? I can wait. I made up with a really good friend last night too. I got a ring that I wanted really badly because I lost the first one I had. I started working at an arcade and I get free DDR XD I got to see the love of my life and do things to him >D Pretty good life :D

eh, sometimes you just have to evaluate the whole picture to see what your overall feelings are. I'm way too pessimistic sometimes. I think it's due to my hormones being wonky from birth control @.@ I'm happy, I really am :)

Mar. 5th, 2008

L'Arc~en~Ciel What's In, Hyde

Run Down

I haven't been on here in a while... :(

Today I have done nothing but write. In fact, I don't even know why I'm still writing >.< Today is nothing but writing, why not take a break? I ask myself.

I'm not prepared in the slightest for this test o_o I really should get back to work.

well then, until next time :)

Dec. 16th, 2007

L&#39;Arc~en~Ciel What&#39;s In, Hyde

Back Home TTuTT

I'm sooooo glad to be back home. This semester at school just killed me ~_~ I am going to miss spending every moment with the Neko, though. That's alright, though. When we first started dating we got to see each other maybe once a month? We'll survive XD

So we left yesterday after my last final... and taking a long nap... and eating... and packing... and checking out... and asking random strangers in the parking lot if they had jumper cables ~_~'' My car is old >_<

But! we made it X3 We both got home safely (despite the recent downpour of snow :3) and I get to enjoy family time XD When I first got back my family was at a restaurant my brother washes dishes at, so I met them there. We talked about college, finals, and of course "how's Billy doing?" XD We went home and had our cousin stay over as a guest (she's almost 13). As we (as in my mom, my cousin, and I) were watching TV we got into a long conversation, too long to track all the topics of :D Somehow we started talking about music and, if no one would have guessed, I talked mainly about L'Arc XD She also showed me a concert of this awesome group (which reminds me, I have to look them up X3) who never had a record deal, but held a three concert recently in Times Square and completely sold out! They were awesome. They're called Dispatch, if anyone cares to take a look ;D While this was on we discussed how music these days (especially in America) has gone downhill dramatically, and it's rare to find a great band anymore. We also talked about how awesome it would be in a band and go on tour :D It really made me want to practice, so I took out my bass and practiced, for the first time in a while. I told my mom that I want to get as good as Tetsu :3 It'll take a lot, though, considering I have no instruction other than hearing random songs out (I don't like looking up L'Arc~en~Ciel tabs because they're usually butchered,  or at least the ones that I always find are...)

So on with my story... Today we killed a tree to bring it home, ridicule it with vibrant lights, and garnish it with sweet, nostalgic items that have been tradition since the year I was born :D Sounds fun, ne? It was XD Although at first it really wasn't. My family (minus my stubborn brother, and with the addition of my cousin who was still with us) got to the tree farm at around lunch time. It was our first time at this place which my mom's sister had referred us to. We came totally unprepared, without a saw, gloves, and a blanket to set the tree on the roof of the SUV... :D When we finally settled on a tree that was okay my dad cut it down and dragged it (without gloves) down the hill to the owner of the farm. We payed him, and then noticed that there wasn't a machine to wrap it in twine :/ We had no twine, and the owner only had a few pieces of rope to tie it to the roof with. So after struggling to get this tree tied down we finally make our way home. All seemed well, clipping branches, decorating, until we noticed it was crooked. My mom slid under it to try to put a few magazines under the stand to fix it, when the whole thing came down on her! She was alright, but we had quite a struggle to get it back up, straight, and stable >_< I'm just glad she was alright :) It took us the whole day to get the thing, but after it all we were satisfied with the end result (which was going to come about anyway, considering my mom is very anal about how the house looks XD)

And then after that I watched a movie :D The end.

Dec. 14th, 2007

L&#39;Arc~en~Ciel What&#39;s In, Hyde

Life, Love, and Finals

So today I had no finals :D It was nice to sit back and relax for the whole day, especially after yesterday. I had a project to finish and I didn't get to work on it before since I was sick ~_~ It was a pain, but I finished it :D Now I get to relax until tomorrow's final XD

It was also amazing to spend alone time with the neko-boyfriend :3 His roommate is ALWAYS in the room on his computer. I swear he must not have any friends other than the computer screen *rolls eyes* ANYWAY, yeah :D Alone time was great, until afterwards our friend walked in while I was undressed under the blankets >_< haha, I just laughed it off X3 probably tmi, I know XD

He's really the sweetest thing, my neko :3 We've been going out for over two years and we've never had an arguement! :D! Not to say we've never had problems, we just talk them out (although none have popped up since a year and a half ago XD) He's always making me smile, and we're always so fun with eachother :3 I'm still waiting for an official proposal, though XD ...although we have talked about marriage and life plans. It makes me so excited ^_^

*cools down*

So... I have to include L'Arc in here XD I'm actually excited about Hyde going on tour :D Hopefully he'll release something! *prays* I also hope he changes his raspy solo voice ~_~
I also want to hear this new solo :D Unforgiven?! Maybe the Devil May Cry theme?! I hope so; I'll be able to show my gamer friend how good L'Arc is by rubbing his precious video game in his face >:D *evil*

I type way too many smilies... </journal>

Dec. 10th, 2007

L&#39;Arc~en~Ciel What&#39;s In, Hyde

(no subject)

I used to have one of these in high school to talk to friends... so much for that XD

So right now I'm a university student in America studying art (although I think I might change to become a linguist).  I'm 19 years old and while I love being youthful I can't wait to get the hell out of school XD Maybe it's the usuall air-headed syndrome that affects most young people; we need to see the world!

That's one reason why I want to become a linguist; I'd get to travel :D I love to travel for different reasons; seeing different people, beautiful landscapes, listening to different tongues... it's all a learning experience which, in my opinion, beats the hell out of sitting in a classroom with the same students, same teacher, having history crammed into our heads. I know someone who once told me about their experience in Ireland with nothing but a backpack full of clothes and toiletries. On a whim, he bought a plane ticket and just hiked everywhere. He even had to wash his clothes in rivers! He said that he learned so much over there, and heard so many great stories from people he had met. If I had a choice I would do that in a heartbeat! It'd be even better if my boyfriend came with me :D haha. He's the only one I really have an emotional attachment to anyway, besides my family.

What was I saying again? *tends to get lost in words*

Well, from reading this one might know a lot about me. Just in case nothing sunk in yet, though, I'll talk about some of my interests :D

 I love music! My favorite band is not from America (who would have guessed?!) but from Japan. They're called L'Arc~en~Ciel, French for "arc in the sky," or, more specifically, "rainbow." (Sounds like something I would like, from what you would assume from reading above XD) They're a rock band, but they're very diverse! They can go from light, airy pop songs, to heavy hearted ballads, to hard rock. Even better, also, they're all masters at their instruments, and even record songs while switching places! *breathes* I could seriously go on forever about them, but I'll spare whoever's reading this XD Other musical genres I adore are as follows: Any other type of rock, American classic rock, jazz, blues, metal, techno, jpop, jrock, kpop, etc... yes, a real jumble of unrelated goodness :D

I like to draw, although I don't do it that often (yeah, I'm an art student!) It's more like I have a natural talent for it. Painting too, it all deals with how you percieve looking at form, value, color, structure, etc, and how you handle your given medium. I guess I'm good at both? XD It always baffles me how I can go months without drawing so much as a doodle, yet when I get back into it I've improved even more! I once overheard my drawing/anatomy teacher talking with one of her students about this; there was a man that she'd grown up with who was the same way. She said that she believes drawing, or any other artform for that matter, takes a lot of control over one's own mind. I think this is why (because if I'm not sleeping, I'm constantly thinking!)

Haha, I started this thing an hour ago, when I told myself I'd only be online for a couple more minutes! Well, I'll definitely keep this thing going more than my previous one, and I hope to meet a lot of knew people here!